Jasmine Farm LLC
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Newsletter --what's happening on the farm and what's available, and being harvested.

Peace happiness and goodwill to all.
We are sorry to say that Jasmine Farm will not be in operations this season due to the closing of our farmers market this year by the Bethesda Urban Partnership (BUP).
We will not be accepting any new members. All excisting members should have received their deposit refund and have cashed their refund check. The checking account will be closed by the end of this month March 30, 2010. We regret to have to make this decision as the decline in sales and CSA support last season and this season and with the closing of our makets both Tuesdays and Saturdays, have forced us to make this decision. We hope the best for everyone. Gus & Tag

                      14445 Burntwoods  Road

                      Glenwood, Maryland 21738-9530