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                                    What follows is a comment from a member of the viewing public who 
                                    visited your listing in the Local Harvest Web site.
                                    To: jasminefarm@netscape.net
From: laurie.fletcher@abs.net
                                    I just tasted the hummus from your operation that was in my package this week from Howard County Growers.  It was just excellent
                                    and I wanted to let you know how much my friends and I enjoyed it.
                                    Laurie Fletcher

Dear Jasmine Farms,
Thank you for your delicious contributions each week to the Howard Country Growers weekly "basket".  I loved the hummus last week, and just tasted the tabouleh... delicious!  I was hoping that you would be willing to share the recipes you used to make these wonderful dishes.  I would love to try a hand at them myself over the summer.  These have been so tasty, I'm looking forward to whatever creations you have to share... I'd love to see the recipies with the item each week, if that's possible.  I just love to cook.
Thanks in advance from a happy member :-)
Shari Underwood
Or my member number is #28 @ Mt. Pisgah Church, if it is easier to just include it in my basket.
Have a great summer!


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